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AJT's comments

Happy this set exists

Good content


upgrading rating from 3 to 4 cus it's very fun

02:29:139 - why did people stop doing this [Larto's Hard]

i think it's good that there's a map approaching 6* of this now

5 if better hitsound control..............

I still wish someone would make a high SR more jumpy map of this song, lots of unexplored fast 1/4 movement IMO

It is definitely skill issue but regardless but I did think the diff warranted AR10 when I looked (which is a slight solution but the mapping style still makes things dense)

Nice set though

↓ rizz vs harrassment ↓

enjoyable dt and good song


AJT on Yooh - Ice Angel
3w ago

Bit boring but well mapped

it’s meant to be for keysounds or something but it also changes pitch so it’s just dumb, also I think might be enabled on lazer by default cus I was mapping a collab with someone before and every time they sent me the file it had that enabled even tho I kept turning it off lol

good content

Rly fun and song slaps

Nice extras

fun dt

I agree with you I was just linking the thread

AJT on Ata - Euphoria
1mo ago

this can easily get ranked

also the storyboard freezes my laptop at the end :( (it's a good sb though)

this song (and map) feels like a creepypasta

1mo ago

His best map.........

AJT on LiPPS - Nightwear
1mo ago

i feel like this was completely sightreadable but tricky to acc hence i feel like its "tricky enough", i can't really say what patterns he specifically intended to play in what way so i cant comment on that but it was moderately fun anyways although a few things were kinda scuffed

if anything id say that by the description i wouldve expected it to be harder but lowkey i like the fact that its sightreadable to combo at least as usually maps with steep learning curves dont interest me (skill issue......) because i cant be bothered

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