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zhuxiaoyan's comments

Oh ok

How do i map like this again

Whta are tghe kiais mapped to

finally an actually good map gets ranked

Finally an actually good map gets ranked


i would say this if i was 5digit ngl

you guys are so brave <3


meine hfigfotos im bio

Where are the jumps

I did not even open the map by the way

Multiaccounting is not good man

THis is better than the elvis map


nice map toybot

thanks man

no this shit sucks

why is this map at a 3.81 im the only one thats supposewd to like this garbage dumb ass site


stop telling me to play lost ark pussy

Yea that Bitch indeed

This is the only listenable reol song

ah crazy i don't even remember it being loved either lol

i legit thought this has been ranked since 10 yrs ago wat

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