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custom song


Name custom song
Description Maps a song which was originally made for the map, or was made with the intention of being mapped for an event such as a mapping contest which the map participated in.
Parent descriptor meta information
Proposer TotallyWaffles
Type new
Creation date 2024-07-08 11:10:51
Last updated 2024-07-09 12:42:59
Proposals can be approved when it receives 20 votes and has >=65% positive votes. Approvals can only happen after a minimum of 5 days.


76.92% voted positively

yes (10): Sanch-KK, Liyac, Emiya Nikita, TotallyWaffles, weed machine, squirrelpascals, [[[[[[, unwound, Kimitakari, Fsjallink
no (2): aspen, rHO
hold (1): Constantine

Comments (9)

TotallyWaffles voted yes
2w ago

then it isnt a custom song since the song wasnt meant for that map

2w ago

what if u map an osu original that has already been mapped or something of the sort

TotallyWaffles voted yes
2w ago

changed the description to include mapping contest original songs

TotallyWaffles voted yes
2w ago

- a map of an osu original song that isnt the map the song was made for wouldnt count for this descriptor. I dont see why this possibility would make this descriptor invalid.
- Another descriptor for osu originals would be a good idea, but that doesnt change the validity of this descriptor
- I could change it to commissioned track as that is what most (if not all) custom songs currently are, but there are possibilites fr a custom song not to be commisioned, such as the beatmap creator making the song

Constantine voted hold
2w ago

rename this to commisioned tracks?

2w ago

yea deca's idea makes sense, splitting to osu! original for officially licenced and something like community original for the rest

using "custom" kinda limits the descriptor for tournaments when it could be used for mapping contests (like twin trials for example)

2w ago

seems like this could just be split into two descriptors then: "osu! original" and "custom song" (or if other people have better ideas for names) perhaps for fully original mapsets vs just "song made for osu!"

Liyac voted yes
2w ago

i dont agree with this cause theres ranked maps of originals originating from different modes

TotallyWaffles voted yes
2w ago

self explanatory

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