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Halozy - Crystal Snow by Emiya Nikita

Mapset info
Last updated: Dec 4th, 2023
Average Rating: 3.75 / 5.00 from 4 votes
Japanese Pop
Graved Mapset

Rating Distribution
Rating: 3.66 / 5.00 from 4 votes
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Emiya Nikita
on Cooling Life
1w ago
on Cooling Life
1mo ago
on Cooling Life
1mo ago
on Cooling Life
1mo ago

Comments (4)
1mo ago

@Mizunashi Akari not right, you just don't see it

@Aranel thanks for your opinion! But later, maybe I’ll understand which realization of ideas I might have liked more, after changing preferences or practices, but this will not make them objectively better. What a pity that your preferences just do not coincide with mine

1mo ago

thsi dude stopped trying to be HW thats crazy

1mo ago

mogged sadly

1mo ago

ideas coulda been executed better 00:46:584 - rhythms here kinda suck and I hate ur simplifying a lot of the important sounds like 00:52:209 (1,2,3,4,5) -

giving +0.5 00:31:561 - just because the movement here is really nice

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