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Liyac's ratings

1mo ago
on Natsuko Aso - Lovely Girls Anthem (cobalt green EuroBeatRemix) [Extra]
i need to permanently etch these patterns into my brain, 🟣 aim overlap
2mo ago
3mo ago
on Chata - Curry no Uta [yoshiwafu]
epic nuance, grave
3mo ago
on ONE OK ROCK - Riot!!! [Insane]
grave, unmatched vibe.
4mo ago
on Opacha - Opacha [Opacha]
grave, Novelty
4mo ago
on KOTOKO - Agony [Hard]
the first time i played this i lost my shit when 03:18:345 (1) - came up, 🟣 playfield study
8mo ago
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