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Liyac's ratings

on Horie Yui - sugar sweet nightmare [Imperfection]
grave, nearly perfect anime map
2w ago
on xi - Mirage Garden [Another445]
closest thing i felt from lan wings four seasons
2w ago
on Katakiri Rekka - (^3^)chu Dere Rhapsody [vs Hinacle's Insane]
📚 bp365, hinacle's implementation of horizantal patterns are very fun
3w ago
on Megpoid GUMI - Justice Breaker [Hard]
i love the rhythm alot in this diff. careful distinguishment within sections, 🟣 cool hard, 🟣 rhythm study
3w ago
on ginkiha - EOS -Long Version- [Daybreak]
📚 bp359, this shit is so structure orientated that 90% of the time i wasnt looking at my own cursor its like i was watching the map play itself instead, unrelated i was petty enough to resize the black.jpg to 1000x1000 and that fixed the sb
3w ago
on HTT - NO, Thank You! (TV Size) [Spinboxer]
semi-clunky but hardly hesitates on its ideas, 🟣 i wish was more known
1mo ago
on Amamiya Sora - Skyreach [Chloe's iNsAnE]
📚 bp368, 🟣 just a little tad silly
2mo ago
on Hatsune Miku - Kagerou Days [mizuki]
very nostalgia pilled but alot of distinct patterns
2mo ago
2mo ago
on TeddyLoid feat. Bonjour Suzuki - Pipo Password [Elvis' Insane]
really good at doing its own thing. the rhythm choice to follow the semi frequent beats is great
2mo ago
on ChouCho - DreamRiser [Hitone]
grave, it doesnt do anything too crazy but comes off as really authentic for me in following the song
2mo ago
3mo ago
on Ras - STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) [Insane]
grave, 🟣 good storyboard
3mo ago
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