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Liyac's comments

ill come back to it but yea i dont rlly have interest to push it rn

father i cannot click the book [2]

the mapping parallels to natsumerin's justice breaker is kinda neat (yes i know this song is a prequel)

fret not i beckon it shall rise above the flames of ""modding"" and into the wonders of success. but that day remains undecided.

idk id rather put that passion into starting/finishing other projects ive been meaning to do. also getting and applying mods over this doesnt sound... fun. if ymiir wants to push this then ill make an effort to push

hell yeah

rip the old jumps

its cool

verti diff, it just plays the same

00:28:753 (1) - 00:14:378 (3,4,5) - 00:26:878 (3,4) -

somehow vaqu made 1/2 anime movement on a tech song

for bunnrei's diff i think the refrain til end could be cooler but before it is neat

i need more alt maps like this


stan luna

how do you come up with this

happy eclipse day #trending

how many MADs use fight against smithy..

i really want to like this more cause it has a couple of cool ideas but the movement annoys me

just got transported back to 2014 by hearing this song

osu mappers when they take a whiff of the szak/fuminori matsumoto bong


ok i gave it a shot again, theres a good amount of variety and nicer gameplay intuition than the first one so ill give u that. i think i was too harsh when i came home from work that night

sidenote 04:55:257 (1,2,3,4) - i keep missing here cause everything before it makes u consistently move and this threw me off when it went consecutive directional due to its sudden tight spacing

would be a much more interesting map if the thud.. thud.. thud-thud thud-thud was Idk, mapped.

where the LAB=01 MADs at

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