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Emiya Nikita's comments

After I found this map, my mind was shocked for some time

Nvm, at that time I was just starting to use omdb

Me too

/s/345705 we already have it

bro its called enjoying something

Quite a tragic story

It reminded me a bit sytho mapping

@Mizunashi Akari not right, you just don't see it

@Aranel thanks for your opinion! But later, maybe I’ll understand which realization of ideas I might have liked more, after changing preferences or practices, but this will not make them objectively better. What a pity that your preferences just do not coincide with mine

I agree with a bat

I take away 5 out of 5 points on [Extra] due to 00:32:111 this part, ruined diff for me.

Better than Centipede

I enjoy playing this sometimes

Mismagius comment seems correct to me here

Cool gif milr_

The idea of ​​what the ending could be is actually give fear

mirl_ moment, at the moment 834 pages later to find this rating

Bg great yeah, I like the views, maybe like from the window of some abandoned building or smth just at what's around

If I rated top diff only as a mapper, I would give 5 and probably never come here again, if I rated top diff only as a player, I would give 0 and definitely never come here again.


This hard diff reminds me a lot of my sometimes lazy mapping of low star rate symmetrical maps + made a few years ago. I can't like this

Sometimes I don't understand everyone at all

Thank you audinor

it would be great if there wasn't a black combo color here, but the map is still fun

NiNo's diff don't deserve this low rating I think

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