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flying lotus's comments

my parents made love to this map


I get it


song brings me memories

I really ylike the social commentary on this map it makes me cry!

sstudy stduy get a life nerds

its above average

visionary is above the law he is the one who judges, he is the one who watches, he is the one.

its alright


kanye got racist again

its above average

this is fun and represents the song fieryrage is wonga

Im pretty sure this is rng map, rlc made a map thats fun to play because he wanted to have fun and ended up making average map with better gameplay compared to the time


mismagius said it all, I still like other olc stuff more but this is by far the most widespread mappers map of contemporary mapping.

when shit hits the fan is you still a fan?

cool map

very good

the most legendary map to exist if someone is map this legendary dm me

this is below average even for 2007

this is so mid, waaaahh wahhh slider mechanics wahhh wahhh, people wouldve found out about it sooner or later accept the facts.

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